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War-Ship in Wor-Ship

War-Ship in Wor-Ship 2-05-2012 War-Ship in Wor-Ship this morning. Standing on the bridge at the Captains helm we called for a rescue. After the rescue I looked across the horizon and saw the Dragon of Injustice coming. The Lighthouse (church) put a spot light on it. I call for the War-Ship to man its stations […]

The -Month of Dan(Dec/Jan)5774

The -Month of Dan(Dec/Jan)5774 At the new moon of Tevet/Dan theirs an evil eye looking out for you. To break this evil eye is to see mercy, forgiveness, and compassion. Do not intend evil for evil. But rather good for evil. You must break this evil eye it seeks to rule your future. Older mothers […]

Angel of the Lord

Angel of the Lord Brought me to the river and I saw one swimming and playing. I thought it was silly. The angel of the Lord ask me if I wanted to swim and play. I thought it was silly. Then I put one foot in and was amased at the water then I began […]