Tribe of Tevet Month of Dan 5777

Tevet: 29 days - December/January
Alphabet: AYIN - (eye/spring) - let your good eye see. War with the evil eye and break the power of evil watchers.
Tribe: Dan - "To judge, grow up and mature."
Characteristics: The month of the ending of Chanukah: in the midst of destruction, there is mercy. A month of holy anger or righteous indignation; be angry but sin not. This month is a time to pray for your Commander in Chief. Review education for initiation into the next phase of life. This month is a good time to fast to purify the blood so your brain and heart function properly.
Constellation: Capricorn (the goat) - Beware of making wrong alignments.
Color/Stone: Dark Blue and Turquoise/Sapphire or Turquoise
Tevet is the tenth of the twelve months of the Jewish calendar. Then is the number of godly authority. The enemy has great strategies this month to pull leaders away. If you are not aware of this, you will not pray correctly for the leaders God has given you.
Tevet is also the month of testimony.
Tevet is associated with the Hebrew letter AYIN, which pictures an eye. This is a month to let your good eye see. Getting focused is very important as you war against the evil eye and break the power of evil watchers.
If you do not break the power of the evil eye this month, the power will try to guide you in the future. We must understand the evil eye structure, which is embedded in our culture and causes dark angels and evil structures to manipulate us. The AYIN also pictures a spring or well. This month is a time for new life to flow!