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Day of Atonement 5774

Trshrei-The Month of Ephraim(Sept/Oct) September 13th Day of Atonement. I have had the same  dream for two nights.  On the morning of the Day of Atonement I had an open vision. I saw I had made an image of a fun park and I was looking for the last image to find. As I looked […]


Cheshvan/Manasseh(Oct/Nov)5774 This month I smell the balm  of Gilead had been broken It smells like a hospital I smell the fragrance of healing through the house for hours. (I ask the Lord what does this mean!) Cheshvan is called the month of Messiah. The Messiah is breaking open the balm of Gilead and releasing a […]

War-Ship in Wor-Ship

War-Ship in Wor-Ship 2-05-2012 War-Ship in Wor-Ship this morning. Standing on the bridge at the Captains helm we called for a rescue. After the rescue I looked across the horizon and saw the Dragon of Injustice coming. The Lighthouse (church) put a spot light on it. I call for the War-Ship to man its stations […]

Blessing Boston

   One month to the day of the 4-15-2013 the first two Boston explosions. I got this word in a dream.   America 3-15-2013 In a dream, I was prophesying the healing of leprosy when I heard the sound of thunder.  Looking up and seeing lighting and thundering in the purple sky beyond the clouds. I went up to a government […]