The tribe of Zebulun/Month of Sivan 5777



Sivan: 30 days - June/July
Alphabet: ZAYIN - receiving mercy for completion
Tribe: Zebulun - the "businessperson's month"
Characteristics: Sivan is the month of GIVING. The month of receiving your boundaries. The month to be merciful. The month of alignment (Moses, Miriam, Aaron). The month to connect your talk to your walk (Prov. 10:9) thereby making continuous, ongoing progress in order to move from one level of strength to the next.
Constellation: Gemini (2 tablets) - Torah given on Sinai
Color/Stone: White and Clear/Clear Quartz or White Moonstone

Sivan is the third of the twelve months of the Jewish calendar.

Sivan is the month of Pentecost, (Shavuot) which is the second of the three major feasts each year. Pentecost is a three-fold feast, celebrating God's provision. This feast commemorates the ingathering of the wheat harvest (God's physical provision), the giving of the Torah, (God's provision of revelation, which took place at Mount Sinai at the time of Pentecost.) and the provision of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2.

The Hebrew letter ZAYIN is associated with the month of Sivan. The ZAYIN pictures receiving mercy for completion.

Sivan is associated with the tribe of Zebulun, who was noted for ability in business and the marketplace. Sivan is the "businessperson's month." God wants you to do some business with Him in the month of Sivan. He wants you to learn prosperity principles.

The constellation associated with Sivan is Gemini, picturing the two tablets of the Law given on Mt. Sinai. This month is a very dangerous month. The Law had to come down twice from heaven.

This is also the month of Jacob or Esau-the twins. God once spoke to me and said that I had an evil inheritance and a godly inheritance and I needed to choose. He gave me the choice of which way to go with my family inheritance.

In your physical body, this month pictures walking, and walking means "continuous, ongoing progress." This is the month to go from one level of strength to the next. This month is important for connecting your talk to your walk. (Prov. 10:9) What you are decreeing has to connect with what you are walking. You start walking in what you decreed in the first month. A lot of people will make decrees but never walk any of them out. One thing I try to do is to get vision in place and moving in April, then I go to the next level in June. We need to connect our mouth with our walk, refine our emotions, and move into God's purpose.

Giving is a key factor in this month. I always do Firstfruits giving and I tithe, but then I prepare a special gift during this month. Three aspects of giving we need to enter into are: substance, time, and revelation. I had to come to an understanding of this in my life because my motivating gift is giving, which brings joy into my life. Every time I give without joy I get into a huge mess spiritually. Just giving to give creates a snare.

One of the things I had to learn was how to offer the firstfruits of my revelation. If you try to give the revelation into an old wineskin in order to try to convince that wineskin to change, you will be beating your head up against a wall. Eventually, you will be totally frustrated. One of the hardest shifts I had to make was to find those who truly wanted to hear the revelation and not try to force it on those who did not. This changes your relationships. There is no condemnation on those who do not want to hear. They are just not where you are. The Bible says that your gift will make room for you. The Lord says to just wait and He will show you where and to whom to give His revelation.

When I first came to Denton, I sat for almost a year in this church, which was totally different than the church I had come from in Houston. I wrote out three prophecies, and the Lord said that He would tell me when they needed to be given. Robert had to be out of town and he asked me to speak on Sunday morning. I just shared my testimony, and later the Lord said to give the three prophecies. The Lord orchestrated the right time and place to speak to the right people.

The month of Sivan is the time to review your giving process and to receive new boundaries. This month is also linked with mercy and alignment. Israel went through some testing with Miriam because she and Aaron were not aligned properly to Moses. I always watch the Miriams during this month, which includes women and men, as they relate to worship and sound. Miriam got leprosy and the whole camp had to stop moving for seven days. God loved Miriam and gave her the opportunity to shift into proper alignment. Review your alignment this month.

The heavens open and the Spirit is poured out on those who are seeking Him during this Shabbat month, the Feast of Weeks. You receive supernatural mercy and grace to complete things this month. You may feel like you are half way there and don't think you will make it the rest of the way, but then God downloads on you exactly what is needed. Suddenly you are okay. The ablility to see clearly through the transparent pane God has put over you, is a process. He puts a window over you in the first month and connects with the window of your conscience the next month and you begin to see clearly this month. God is a God of order, and He knows that we don't usually understand or tap into His order immediately.

Sivan is also the wedding month, the convenant month. Song of Solomon is a great book to read during this time. This is the month of cause rather than result. There are certain months that you are a catalyst and certain months that you see the results of what you have created-good and bad. Specific actions cause you to be a catalyst, but the results manifest later just like the principle of sowing and reaping.

You must know when to "continue on" rather than take a wrong path. There are times during the year that we have to choose by an act of our will to go a certain way and not be ruled by our emotions. This is one of the things that make us distinct from angels. Angels come down into our midst to minister to us or give us messages, but we must walk out the message. We can negate what the angels have said and even run the angels off. I've seen that happen. I was in one meeting filled with angels. The people began to try to figure out what was happening with their Greek mindsets, and all the angels left. I finally asked them if they wanted to invite the angels to come back, and they all realized what they had done.

Sivan is the month in which you can move the strength you gained in the last month into a new level. Read Psalm 84.

Earth and heaven are connected in a timed sequence. Do not let you Greek mindset keep things fragmented. God is moving through, not disconnecting the months. Things are overlapping and tying together. What you are experiencing one month is part of what causes you to come full circle. You are gathering wisdom as you move forward into the fullness of God's plan. We waste many years, but the redemptive, restorative power of God can restore what is lost quickly. That is why the Bible says that the years the locusts have eaten can be restored. Once you get moving in God's time, restoration accelerates. Your restoration will double, quadruple or go seven times faster than your waste. If you wasted 21 years, you can recoup that in three years. This is an incredible principle to understand. A lot of people wander about in homeless, terrible lives. BUT GOD can restore all that is lost or wasted. So, don't give up on people who have made a mess of their lives. Remember how the temple workers rebuilt in 52 days what had been torn down for 70 years. So be encouraged.


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