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The Month of Sivan 5775 (2015)

The Month of Sivan  SIVAN: 30 days – May/June Alphabet: ZAYIN – “Receiving mercy for completion” Tribe: Zebulun – the “businessperson’s” month Characteristics: Sivan is the month of giving. It is also a month to receive your boundaries, be merciful, and to align properly. Sivan is also a month to talk your walk thereby making […]

Thwart the Wart Hog!

Dream; I saw a Wart Hog being released and it jumped into the fire I was in, The Lord said; “I am releasing this and it is coming for you. So wait,…” Jump” said the Lord! Take this spear and stab it”. So I did.

Drink from this Cup!

Dream; I saw a Cup presented to me. I said; no then the Cup came to me again, Drink from this Cup I said; ” Lord let your will be done and not mine. I saw nectar on a string to be dip into the Cup as I drink from it.

Mark Forehead

Dream; I was standing in the threshold of the Temple in the inner court and the outer court. A man was marking everyone’s forehead then when he came to me he marked my forehead with oil and herbs. So I turned and went towards the Holy place on the steps I saw a woman who […]

Time of the Bear

On the count of the Omar  day  37,  ( May 10th, 2015 ). Dream: The Presence of the Lord came to me and I fell before Him; as if I were a dead man. While laying there the Holy Spirit came on me and He said; I AM the Holy Spirit, He showed me the […]