The Month of AV 5777

    The Month of AV  AV: 30 days – July/August Alphabet: TET – “Resembles a womb – a month when earth contracts – the secret of pregnancy moves into the earth realm” Tribe: Simeon – To hear; be concerned Characteristics: Av is the month you metamorphose or disintegrate. It is also the month that […]

The Month of Kislev the tribe of Benjamin 5777

The Month of Kislev the tribe of Benjamin Kislev: 29 or 30 days – November/December Alphabet: SAMEKH – trust, support, coming full circle Tribe: Benjamin – “The most gifted with the art of the bow; the only child born in the Promised Land, so watch Israel this month.” Characteristics: This is a month to develop […]

Learn to Read and Write! From the (Lord)!

Dream;  I woke up speaking in tongues hearing and seeing what was said. This what I heard and said; I saw river stones lying in a pile. Now some I was able to read and some I could not read. I knew these were writing epistles. The Lord said; (Learn to read men!)  

Month of Cheshvan and the tribe Manasseh 5777 (2016)

  Month of Cheshvan and the tribe Manasseh Cheshvan: 29 or 30 days – October/November Alphabet: NUN – symbolizes the Messiah Tribe: Manasseh – “To forget, to leap, up and away” Characteristics: The month of Messiah: The number 8 signifies eternal revelation and new beginning. The flood began in Cheshvan, and ended the following year on Cheshvan. […]

China Man

  Open Vision; I was sitting in a chair then; Open Vision happened; I saw a Open Vision; a light on a church then the Light from Heaven left. Then I saw a China Man walk by he spoke to me in a different language. I said sir I do not understand what you said; […]