The Month of AV 5777

    The Month of AV  AV: 30 days – July/August Alphabet: TET – “Resembles a womb – a month when earth contracts – the secret of pregnancy moves into the earth realm” Tribe: Simeon – To hear; be concerned Characteristics: Av is the month you metamorphose or disintegrate. It is also the month that […]

Dream on 8/11/01 – for- 9/11/01

8/11/01 Dream; I heard in a dream the Lord say; (There will an explosion above the City many will fear and come back to Me)!     

Learn to Read and Write! From the (Lord)!

Dream;  I woke up speaking in tongues hearing and seeing what was said. This what I heard and said; I saw river stones lying in a pile. Now some I was able to read and some I could not read. I knew these were writing epistles. The Lord said; (Learn to read men!)  

What will grow out of your grave? For the next generation will see!

  If in three years after you died what would you see grow from your grave, What will it Be? What will grow out of your grave? For the next generation will see! The seed you plant in your life in others, that’s what will grow!   In more recent history, three years after the end of […]

3rd day of Awe! Tishrei 2 (5776) Death, Hell and the Grave!

Dream; I was fighting the enemy of my soul when I realized I was in the cord of the grave there I cried out to God to help. Then the blanket of death was over me. I called out to God again. Over and over I cried out to God for help! NOTHING! I heard […]