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The Spirit of Power! On Elul 13th 5775!

Dream; I saw, myself riding around the country in tractor trailer. We stopped at a restaurant. I saw then many people. I saw a man in a wheelchair, I said to myself, I will wait on the Lord.  I said nothing then the man in the wheelchair and some of his family members came to […]

Mexico! 2015

Dream; I was taken across the boarder into Mexico. There I saw the Holy Spirit for I recognized Him, As HOLY! ( I am not being sarcastic, I saw Him as HOLY!) He showed me, ( Two standing in the field one was taken and one was left. Then two was walking and one was taken and […]

9th Day, 9th Month, Of the 19th year!

9th Day, 9th Month, Of the 19th year! I saw, two of three judges say; Because the government and people in leadership over the nation (USA) have devalued life, especially the people of God! We have made a ruling that we will send our people and the people of the USA to investigate you, ( […]

Ship of supply on tumultuous waves 5775

Holy Ghost showed up to deliver me from the enemy. Then I saw a  sea and then I saw a ship of mine full of supply. It was so beautiful the tumultuous  waves came in the morning Light (Joy). The Islands had survived the waves and on them I saw pureness for what the Lord had done. […]

Elul: 29 days – August/September 5775

  Elul: 29 days – August/September Alphabet: YUD – “Appointed mercy from the hand of God” Tribe: Gad Characteristics: Elul is the month that “the King is in the field,” approach Him and allow His countenance to shine on you. The month to fix what has been broken. The month to find your place in […]