Archives for August 2013

Ocean of Life

5-05-2013, I was caring a burden when the government tried to stop me. Then I jumped into the ocean of Life. I went down to the depths where skunking treasures were. I saw five Spirits from the Lord. Having a coin each. Then I was taken into the bowels of the earth where I saw the land bleeding, the land […]

King David

Dream, I was in the temple of the Lord and I saw King David he set 40 of us in two rows 20 each. I was the 2nd in line as I went forward I was taken by the Spirit into the library where the Spirit of Knowledge is. He the ( Spirit of Knowledge) got all over […]

Night of many half-Moons (UPDATE)!!!

  1-11-2001, I saw while standing on a beach at night I saw a cloud of many half moons. I was so afraid I could not move for fear of death was in it. Then I heard the Lord speak and say I AM in this. Then the cloud move across the ocean and many […]


2 -10-2013, I can hear the drums of my ancient  ancestors I see them strong and well. I see the hand of the Lord cutting out a resting place in the mountain. Huge stones being moved and set up for them by the Lord. I received a cake offering and was told that is good no […]

The Pureness of God

02-10-2012:        I saw in a dream: I was speaking in tongues there was a square like window before me. When I looked in it I saw the pureness of God there as I looked around the pureness window I saw many impurities. Gazing on the pureness of God I understood that when the impurities were their […]