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The tribe of Zebulun/Month of Sivan 5777

  Sivan: 30 days – June/July Alphabet: ZAYIN – receiving mercy for completion Tribe: Zebulun – the “businessperson’s month” Characteristics: Sivan is the month of GIVING. The month of receiving your boundaries. The month to be merciful. The month of alignment (Moses, Miriam, Aaron). The month to connect your talk to your walk (Prov. 10:9) […]

Winds of Change 5777

I heard in January 2017; (Winds of Change!) May 6 2017; I saw and heard; Wisdom my Sister singing the most beautiful song about the Winds of Change. I saw the landscape full of  Angels looking as their were clouds close to the ground moving all around.  I saw the Angels moving East toward the […]

The tribe of Issachar/Month of Iyar 5777

 The tribe of Issachar/Month of Iyar Iyar: 29 days – April, May Alphabet: VAV – “Connection, linking” Tribe: Issachar – The month to understand secrets Characteristics: Natural healing manifests dealing with processing thoughts, dealing with the conscience of the soul, and receiving spiritual advice. This is the time to contemplate numbers whether they come by […]