Archives for March 2015

Key to First Love

> Dream; The Lord had me looking for a key after a while I was delighted to find it. I  went to the one I Loved and said I have found the mystery to unlock and fix our love back again. As I looked at the one I loved for that loved one was me […]

Passover 5775 (2015)

    The Month of Nisan  Nisan: 30 Days – March/April Appointed Times: Passover, Unleavened Bread, and Firstfruits Alphabet: Hei – Pictures wind, breath and praise Tribe: Judah (means praise) The month of thanking God for deliverance. Characteristics: Repentance, redemption, and beginning of miracles. This is a month for you to watch your speech, which […]

New Element

Dream; I was working on a train next to water and the water was bitter, no man or animal could drink or use the bitter waters. We had to fight rats and panthers off from trying to devour us. They were infected from drinking the bitter waters. Then I was taken up into the heavens […]

Tennessee Revival (R)

In A dream; I heard Tennessee Revival (R). I saw preachers everywhere fallen under the Glory of God, shaken, weeping, and crying. Three different areas the Lord did this. Then the fourth area everyone was able to stand. The last area was a place to move on in the Glory of God.

Ministry Train

  Dream; We were flying and we were on a Minstery Train we prayed for one another and we higher higher in the Lord. Then everyone prayed for me and I went higher and higher. I saw where in the heavens the Holy Spirit was. I began flying towards the front of the train seeing […]