The Month of AV 5777




  1. The Month of AV 
AV: 30 days - July/August
Alphabet: TET - "Resembles a womb - a month when earth contracts - the secret of pregnancy moves into the earth realm"
Tribe: Simeon - To hear; be concerned
Characteristics: Av is the month you metamorphose or disintegrate. It is also the month that the Lion roars. It is a month that God destroys so He can reconstruct. Consider what you hear and determine how to develop a new level of discernment or oppose counsel and advice. Listen carefully! You will hear key impressions this month.
Constellation: Leo (the  lion ) - The divine will of the Father being executed
Color/Stone: Green / Emerald

The Hebrew month of AV is the fifth of the twelve months of the Jewish calendar. The name Av literally means "father." Av derives from the root, which means, "to will" or "to desire."

Av is the month of Simeon. He messed up, but there is redemptive power for Simeon. You are grafted into an inheritance. If you are a blood-bought Christian, you are grafted into the covenant of Abraham. If you have instability in your bloodline, there are times when you must have your spiritual disciplines in place so that a spirit does not come in and wipe you out.

Av is a month to hear and understand. You must decide what you have heard. If a word has been given and you decide not to heed the word, this is the month where your consequences begin.

During this month, the earth begins to contract, so we must watch for earthquakes and where they are occurring...