The Month of AV 5777

    The Month of AV  AV: 30 days – July/August Alphabet: TET – “Resembles a womb – a month when earth contracts – the secret of pregnancy moves into the earth realm” Tribe: Simeon – To hear; be concerned Characteristics: Av is the month you metamorphose or disintegrate. It is also the month that […]

The tribe of Asher/Month of Shevat

The tribe of Asher/Month of Shevat Shevat: TZADIK — symbolizes the “righteous one” Alphabet: TZADIK — symbolizes the “righteous one” Tribe: Asher – pleasure, happiness, delicious, fatness; beware of the delicacies of the king. Characteristics: This month righteousness becomes your foundation. This is a month to develop the plan of sustaining the generations. How will […]

Month of Cheshvan and the tribe Manasseh 5777 (2016)

  Month of Cheshvan and the tribe Manasseh Cheshvan: 29 or 30 days – October/November Alphabet: NUN – symbolizes the Messiah Tribe: Manasseh – “To forget, to leap, up and away” Characteristics: The month of Messiah: The number 8 signifies eternal revelation and new beginning. The flood began in Cheshvan, and ended the following year on Cheshvan. […]

The Black Cauldron

The Black Cauldron                As we prayed, we the intercessors  saw the Black Cauldron come up into our visions. We understood that the army of the dead was coming. So we prayed and the Lord; showed us that the, (Army of Joel!!!) was coming also!!! ( Joel 2:28) 9th […]

The Day I could not See!

  It was the 3rd Sunday of 1999. The Lord had asked me;( If I would just start speaking in tongues?) I said; Yes if you would go all the way with me! (The Lord said; I will!) So in a Baptist church I did this! For the very 1st time ever! When I started […]