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Parable for today!

  Parable: There were two men waiting for a bus to go the Lord’s way! Then came a man  in a convertible car and said; I am going the Lord’s way! So one man jumped in and went with the man to go the Lord’s way. After some while a bus came and the Lord […]

What will grow out of your grave? For the next generation will see!

  If in three years after you died what would you see grow from your grave, What will it Be? What will grow out of your grave? For the next generation will see! The seed you plant in your life in others, that’s what will grow!   In more recent history, three years after the end of […]

The tribe of Gad/Month of Elul 5776 (2016)

 The tribe of Gad/Month of Elul Elul: 29 days – September Alphabet: YUD — appointed mercy from the hand of God Tribe: Gad Characteristics: The month that “the King is in the field.” Approach Him and allow His countenance to shine on you. The month to fix what has been broken. The month to find […]

9th of Av, 11th of Av 5776 (2016 August 14th, 16th)

  9th of Av,    The curse that was meant for me came to me to tell me my future. After many hours of warfare with this sent messenger from the enemy. The Lord Jesus strengthen me. If you study the history of the Jews, you discover that the Jews are caught in a cycle […]

Time, Times, Half a Time. December 2nd, 3rd; 2017

Dream; August 16th 2016:   I was told, ( One year, Three months and Half a month! ” Joel’s Army!”)   When I awoke. I added it up.   December 2nd, 3rd, 2017!   On the Hebrew calendar; Kislev – Tevet, 5778   Daniel 7:25 NIV 25 He will speak against the Most High and oppress his holy […]