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I saw in a dream; Someone in who I had hard feelings, then the Lord showed me what they were thinking at the time and my feelings had nothing to do with what was going on, I had made up these feelings. So I repented and the Compassion from the Lord overwhelmed me and I […]

The Month of Naphtali, Tribe of Adar 5775 ( 2015 )

 Adar- The Month of Naphtali  ( Feb/ Mar ) Adar ( 29 or 30 days- Feb/ Mar ) Appointed times:  The Feast of Esther on the 13th day:  Purim on 14th Alphabet: KUF – removing the masquerade, entering joy Constellation:  Pisces  ( the fishes)- finding supply in the ” hidden” world.  There is an identity […]

The Devil, Me and the Holy Spirit

    I had a dream that the devil was wearing a preachers robe behind a pulpit then he saw me and came to me then the Holy Spirit began speak in tongues, he ( the devil) got stronger and stronger. Then the Holy Spirit got even stronger and more stronger then he, while speaking […]

The Month of Shevat (5775) 2015

  The Month of Shevat  Shevat: 30 days – January/February Alphabet: TZADIK – Symbolizes the “righteous one.” Tribe: Asher – “Pleasure, happiness, delicious, fatness; beware of the delicacies of the king.” Characteristics: This month righteousness becomes your foundation. It is a month to develop the plan of sustaining the generations. How will your olive tree […]