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The Day I could not See!

  It was the 3rd Sunday of 1999. The Lord had asked me;( If I would just start speaking in tongues?) I said; Yes if you would go all the way with me! (The Lord said; I will!) So in a Baptist church I did this! For the very 1st time ever! When I started […]

The Day I could not hear!

In 1988 I was 18 years old. Earlier I had taken my dad’s 38. I had been drinking a lot. I walked to my big brothers bar. I was only 18. I encountered the bouncers there, they knew I was under age. One thing lead to another and I got into a fight. One of […]

Hand of God

  I was mesmerized walking toward black sharp rocks of all shapes and sizes. Then as I heard the Lord say; ” Donnie you are not going that way you are going with Me!” Then I saw beautiful meadows and flowers the Lord saved my life and gives me life.

Michael the Arch Angel

Michael the Arch Angel; Dream; I saw Micheal the Arch Angel standing there He acknowledged me but not looking at me. He was listing to the lord for what he about to do. He was looking over a bowl of light with symbol’s of all kinds in it. Then he would hear from the Lord […]

Judgment Seat of Christ

Judgment Seat of Christ; Vision; I was brought up to a seat. Jesus stood behind me and then I saw numbers and symbols from Heaven come up before me. Then I saw a scene of my life. I was asked if I remember that! Then it moved to the left and I received a reward. […]