The Day I could not hear!


In 1988 I was 18 years old. Earlier I had taken my dad's 38. I had been drinking a lot. I walked to my big brothers bar. I was only 18. I encountered the bouncers there, they knew I was under age. One thing lead to another and I got into a fight. One of them hit me to the ground. Then I got up and pulled my 38 out and pointed at one of them. They closed the bar and I was left alone. I was sitting there when I heard the police yelling at me. When I got up to see why, 4 policemen where pointing there guns at me.

They kept yelling at me to go and put my hands on the wall. Then it happened! Then the Lord Jesus turn my hearing off! I saw them yelling but could not hear them I could not understand what was going on! The Lord spoke me saying;(Donnie just look at your right foot and step towards the wall just as they are saying!)  The Lord Kept saying this over and over. Many times!

So I finally did this and when I moved my right foot I could hear again!!!