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Dream on 8/11/01 – for- 9/11/01

8/11/01 Dream; I heard in a dream the Lord say; (There will an explosion above the City many will fear and come back to Me)!     

Learn to Read and Write! From the (Lord)!

Dream;  I woke up speaking in tongues hearing and seeing what was said. This what I heard and said; I saw river stones lying in a pile. Now some I was able to read and some I could not read. I knew these were writing epistles. The Lord said; (Learn to read men!)  

Month of Cheshvan and the tribe Manasseh 5777 (2016)

  Month of Cheshvan and the tribe Manasseh Cheshvan: 29 or 30 days – October/November Alphabet: NUN – symbolizes the Messiah Tribe: Manasseh – “To forget, to leap, up and away” Characteristics: The month of Messiah: The number 8 signifies eternal revelation and new beginning. The flood began in Cheshvan, and ended the following year on Cheshvan. […]

The Black Cauldron

The Black Cauldron                As we prayed, we the intercessors  saw the Black Cauldron come up into our visions. We understood that the army of the dead was coming. So we prayed and the Lord; showed us that the, (Army of Joel!!!) was coming also!!! ( Joel 2:28) 9th […]

China Man

  Open Vision; I was sitting in a chair then; Open Vision happened; I saw a Open Vision; a light on a church then the Light from Heaven left. Then I saw a China Man walk by he spoke to me in a different language. I said sir I do not understand what you said; […]