The Month of Kislev the tribe of Benjamin 5777

rosh-hodesh-kislev[1]The Month of Kislev the tribe of Benjamin

Kislev: 29 or 30 days - November/December
Alphabet: SAMEKH - trust, support, coming full circle
Tribe: Benjamin - "The most gifted with the art of the bow; the only child born in the Promised Land, so watch Israel this month."
Characteristics: This is a month to develop your warfare strategies; to have prophetic revelation for war. It is a month to enter into a new level of trust and rest. Kislev is also a month to declare your life experiences to be filled with tranquility and peace - ask for the rivers of life to flow!
Constellation: Sagittarius (the archer) - A time to fight against empires and cultures.
Color/Stone: Multicolor (like the rainbow)/Opal or Rainbow Jasper

Kislev is associated with the Hebrew letter SAMEKH which pictures trust, support, and coming full circle. We should be coming full circle in developing our trust and confidence. By examining our hearts and motives during Kislev each year, we will break up and out of old patterns of mistrust that hinder our walk with the Lord and others in our circle of influence.

Kislev is associated with the constellation Sagittarius (the archer). This is a time to fight against empires and cultures. This is a month to shoot straight and move quickly. Think of the archer. Cut your losses and move on.

I believe that if we participate in the covenant holiday of Thanksgiving we have in the United States, we will come into a new place of rest. God gives us cultural holidays to help us enter our covenant holidays. With Thanksgiving, as we pull aside and give thanks, we can regroup.

Review your support system during Kislev, including who is supporting you and who you are supporting. Consider who your friends and associates are and why you are connected with them.