Kislev-The Month of Benjamin(Nov/Dec)5774-2013

 I had a dream of first fruits and I understood that slandering others was a type of murder. It was like the mob at work. Then when I came to myself, I saw I had been given angel food from my fore fathers and I did eat. I also understand that I will not battle the old ways of battling. I understood that I had been brought to a new level of authority and I was was in fear of the Lord of this because a new level of slander may arise only to fall at the Authority of the Lord. I know I can trust what the Lord has said to me and what I have seen from the Lord. For I declare the HOPE of God in my life especially this month.

  At first fruits the Spirit of the Lord came to me and brought me in to the temple and made and everlasting covenant of peace with me for the priesthood unto the Lord. Then I saw the candles light up the first being number six on the lampstand, (The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord). Then I saw a upside down rainbow, where it touch the earth I knew that this covenant was going to stand forever.