The Six Seal


 In 1990 I was 21. I did not go to church or read the bible. I got saved the second week in March at 8:00 pm on a Tuesday night. I saw an open vision; I saw the moon turn to blood and the whole earth go into blackness. There was a great earth quake every mountain came down and every valley come up. Then the sky open up as a scroll I saw a golden trumpet blasting and blasting. When it stop I saw a white pearl gate made of one pearl open up then I went to meet the Lord in the air. I saw this open vision three times that year.




I was sinking in a mire clay only my hand was out I cried out to Jesus and he pulled me out. I was standing hunched over Jesus then cleaned off my back and stood me up and He put on me His Holiness and righteousness. I then spoke in tongues and woke up.

Sitting there in bed pondering the dream I heard a voice say to me; Ask Me to come up higher! So I did. I was standing before the table of show bread in the temple of God and I saw the Alabama State Treasury in the same mire clay I was, so I prayed for them the same way I was raised up.

Then I was taken to the alter of inscents and there I saw the prayers of the saints entering the most holy place.  Then I was taken in, the Lord standing next to me had a time piece in His hand. He said to me, there will be silence in heaven for 30 minutes. There I saw the earth covered with blackness around 28 to 29 minutes I saw pin pricks of light come  from under the darkness. Then I saw a Light come beyond the third heavens that Light lite up the whole universe come and dis spell all darkness. The Lord standing next to me said; A City on a hill cannot be hidden!  Then I was still sitting there in my bed.