Day of Atonement 5777 (2016)



While in prayer this morning I heard and saw this;

I saw a class room of children being taught with the best technology, teachers and all kinds of great equipment. Being taught great theology.

Then I saw a boy walking on the beach with his chair then he set it up on the shore at the feet of JESUS!

Which do you choose?

Men hunger and thirst after the revelation of God! Give them what, " I said"!

I had prayed for the Seven  Eyes  of God to come and let me come before the feet of Jesus.

I saw angels that were neither male or female. They were angels that decorated and gave gifts.

So they did! Bring me to Jesus feet.

I was at the feet of Jesus, setting up treasures at His feet.

Jesus spoke to me and," Said, Donnie go into My storehouse and bring back to Me what you found. For men thirst after My revelation.

Take this book and look at any page and stare into it.

Bring Me what you have found".

Luke 10;39

39 She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what he said.