Time, Times, Half a Time. December 2nd, 3rd; 2017

Dream; August 16th 2016:   I was told, ( One year, Three months and Half a month! ” Joel’s Army!”)   When I awoke. I added it up.   December 2nd, 3rd, 2017!   On the Hebrew calendar; Kislev – Tevet, 5778   Daniel 7:25 NIV 25 He will speak against the Most High and oppress his holy […]

Day of Atonement (5775) 2014

  5775 (2014)   I saw a white fire of purity it was for the prosecution of separation of the Godly and the ungodly. The end time harvest. I had a mind shift happen. It has been said that we need people to go into the harvest. That’s true! The harvest is in the last […]

Coat of Amber

  When I meet Bob Jones he was with Bill French and Viola his wife at the time. We shook hands then the Lord said;  ” He is my friend and I told him to say nothing to you and I asked him too pray for you and he has” Then we left saying nothing […]


I was walking tall when the Wind of the Spirit blows off an idol from my head. Then I humble myself and the Lord will raise us up.


  Theirs a place that a shaking is taking place this shaking will shake people to connect one to another. They will stand up and the wind of the Spirit of the Lord will come and breath on them life. They will began to move in one accord in the different ministries.